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Panasonic ES-LV97-K841 Rechargeable Wet/Dry 5-Blade Shaver with

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Product Id HOMPAN97841
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Panasonic ES-LV97-K841 Rechargeable Wet/Dry 5-Blade Shaver with Pop-Up Trimmer & Auto-Cleaning System

Responsive Shaver for a Gentle, Close Shave
With Panasonic’s responsive beard sensor technology that automatically adjusts power to match your specific beard needs for a personalized shaving experience.
- Ultra-Fast Motor for Powerful, Smooth Shaving
- 30° Nano Polished Inner Blades for Clean, Efficient Cutting
- Multi-flex 16D Contour-Following Head

Fast, Powerful Shaving
The core to this winning shaver is its ultra-fast linear motor. Two key benefits of the linear motor are:
1. It’s exceptionally powerful, providing 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute.
2. It maintains a steady cutting speed when shaving the toughest of beards, even if hairs are flat-lying. The result is a fast, powerful shave with any beard.

Ultra-Fast Motor for Powerful, Smooth Shaving
The super strong neodymium magnet helps drive the blades extremely fast to deliver up to 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. This helps provide an exceptionally powerful and smooth shave.
No beard can slow this ultra-fast linear motor down, regardless of how thick it is. We’re confident, as we’ve tested it even against copper wires in our laboratories. With a steady cutting speed right until the battery runs out, you can be confident of getting a powerful, smooth shave every time.

Efficient, Effortless Shaving
A unique combination of 5 arched, nano-polished blades and the multi-flex 16D contour-following head delivers an efficient, effortless shave.

5 Arched Blades for Efficient Cutting
5 outer blades are designed differently to capture and cut all kinds of hairs.
A. Quick Slit Blade with Comb ; Provides improved pre-cutting of long hairs.
B. Quick Lift Foil ; Lifts up flat-lying hairs efficiently, especially on the neck and chin.
C. Finishing Foil ; With this extremely thin foil (41 µm), longer hairs get a second, closer cut*.

*Compared to Panasonic 3-blade shaver, Panasonic Laboratory Testing

30° Nano Polished Inner Blades for Clean, Efficient Cutting
Leveraging the Japanese Samurai sword-making tradition, we’ve developed ultra-sharp nano-polished inner blades honed to an acute 30° enabling them to cut hair very close to the root. The result is a superior and efficient shaving experience with a minimum number of strokes even on the chin, where beards tend to be densest.

Multi-flex 16D Contour-Following Head
The shaver head moves in 16 directions independently* and follows the contours of the face and neck easily to reduce the number of strokes required to shave even flat-lying hair.

*Panasonic Laboratory Report, Japan

Gentle, Comfortable Shaving
With our most responsive beard sensor technology* to reduce stress on the skin during shaving. The result is a gentle, comfortable shave with minimum irritation or razor burn.

*Panasonic Laboratory Stroboscope Testing, Japan

Panasonic’s Most Responsive Beard Sensor Technology
Our responsive beard sensor technology detects beard density 220 times per second*. This technology adjusts the power of the motor 14 times per second, making it one of the most responsive shavers to different beard thickness and density.

*Panasonic Laboratory Stroboscope Testing, Japan.

Auto Cleaning & Charging System for Easy Maintenance
When you finish shaving, put the shaver in its stand, press the switch, and it automatically cleans and charges itself. The shaver is thoroughly cleaned of beard clippings and sebum, which are difficult to remove with water, to keep the blades sharp for longer. Its compact size also means the shaver does not take up much space.

Wet/Dry Shower Shaving / 100% Waterproof & Washable
Enjoy the convenience of dry operation or use with foam or gel for a pampering silky-smooth shave. You can even take it in the shower. Waterproof design lets you rinse the shaver under running water for easy and hygienic maintenance.

*Before washing, remove the outer foil section and turn the shaver on for vibration.

LED Indicator / Pop-up Trimmer for a Quick Pre-shave
The shaver’s LED indicator shows battery status in 5 steps and operation status for easy, at-a-glance confirmation.
It features durable stainless steel blades with an acute 45° edge. Easy and convenient for a quick pre-shave and detailed grooming.

Blade Type
Type of Motor
14,000cpm Linear Motor
Cross Cutting Performance
70,000 cpm
Inner Blade
30°Nano Polisehd Inner Blades
Shaving Sensor
Sensing frequency
Beard Sensor(Auto) 220 time / second
Auto cleaning charging system
Charging Time
Operating Time
50 min
Power-supply voltage
100-240 V
Replacement Blade (Outer)
Replacement Blade (Inner)
Replacement Blade (Set)
Product dimensions (H x W x D)
17x 7.5 x 6 cm
Body Weight

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Panasonic ES-LV97-K841 Rechargeable Wet/Dry 5-Blade Shaver with
Traveller Price
Price: $345.45 NZD
Tax free price for international travellers
Product Id HOMPAN97841
Sorry we are temporarily out of stock.
Email us at and we will let you know when it will be available.
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Sorry we are temporarily out of stock.
Email us at and we will let you know when it will be available.
Pick up from AKL International Airport:
Some items are only available for pick up at departure.
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