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ASUS ROG Flow Z13 GZ301ZE 13.4" UHD RTX 3080 + RTX 3050 Ti Gaming Laptop - 1TB SSD

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Product Id NBKASU301189
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ASUS ROG Flow Z13 GZ301ZE RTX 3080+ RTX 3050Ti 13.4" UHD Gaming Laptop --Intel i9-12900H/16GB/1TB SSD/ -- Win11 Home , ROG XG Mobile ( RTX3080) - WiFi6E + BT5.2, Webcam, Thunderbolt4 (with DP), USB-C (with Power Delivery & DP), 1-Zone RGB Keyboard

ROG Flow Z13 - One Device. Infinite Play.
- 14-core Intel® Core™ i9-12900H processor, a GeForce RTX™ 3050 Ti Laptop GPU and a dedicated MUX Switch.
- Support for multiple input types and graphics boost with XG Mobile.
- A vapor chamber cooling solution paired with liquid metal and 0dB Ambient Cooling ensures the machine stays incredibly quiet even under full load.
- A 16:10 aspect ratio touchscreen display unlocks your creativity, with 4K.
- Enjoy incredible flexibility with 170° of kickstand adjustment and a detachable full sized keyboard.
- Extremely lightweight chassis, weighing in at just 1.1kg and only 12mm thin.

Retro-futurism design
With a design inspired by the 20th-century Space Race, the Flow Z13 has numerous nods to retro-futurism. The chassis is covered with spacecraft-inspired machining, carved right into the high density aluminum alloy itself. After experimentation with 39 different processes, including 10 precision CNC cuts and two anodizing coats, alloy 6063 has a unique finish that evokes the golden age of space. The premium anti-fingerprint coating repels and reduces the appearance of fingerprints, and makes cleaning the surface a breeze.
- Full CNC-milled chassis design
- Premium Anti-fingerprint coating

170-degree adjustability
Take the Z13 wherever you need to go. The built-in kickstand can be opened up to 170 degrees, ensuring optimal viewing angles for your favorite games or movies, no matter where you use the Z13.
- Integrated 170 Degree Kickstand

A portal to power
A CNC-milled window at the rear of the chassis allows a look straight into the mainboard of the machine, and also gives the components beneath more freedom and height than traditional designs. This bold break provides gorgeous RGB accent lighting, while also allowing chip components to be placed on both sides of the mainboard due to the larger volume of space available. Larger than normal components paired with the dual sided motherboard allow for much more performance than standard 13" machines.
- See-through Rear Window Design

Precision control
For standard mouse and keyboard inputs, the Z13 is ready to roll. A USB-A port and wireless connectivity allows you to seamlessly hook up your favorite mouse, and the screen cover doubles as a fully functional keyboard. Precision and accuracy for the games that demand it.

Feel the rumble
The Z13 was designed with robust gamepad support. If it's PC compatible, you can use it with the Z13. With multiple controllers, you can take your games on the go with friends for some classic split screen action.

Touch and go
With a 13 inch touchscreen display, all of your favorite mobile and touch compatible games are supported. Enjoy accurate, responsive touch control on this incredibly powerful tablet.

Seamless multitasking
The Flow Z13's connectivity makes it incredibly versatile. Feeling like multitasking with two external monitors? Let the two USB Type-C ports do the work for you. You even have a USB Type-A port for lower bandwidth devices.

One plug power-up
While the Z13 is powerful enough for most scenarios, it still has room to flex some extra muscle. By pairing an XG Mobile external GPU, you can boost the graphics power and port selection with one simple connection.

Limitless possibilities
With this much power and portability, the Flow Z13 is a machine that can thrive in any scenario. For example, it can leverage its desktop-level power and tablet-level portability to become a mobile DJ's dream station. Simply connect a DJ controller like the Pioneer DDJ-400 to this lightweight leviathan to become the star of the show. One device, limitless possibilities.

PERFORMANCE - Class-defying power
Enjoy console gaming power on the go. With a 14-core Intel® Core™ i9-12900H CPU and a GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU in this ultraportable tablet form factor, you can pair the best aspects of PC gaming with the freedom to go anywhere. Blisteringly fast 5200MHz LPDDR5 memory and 1TB of PCIe® SSD storage make the Flow Z13 the premiere tablet gaming machine for Windows 11 Home.
- Windows 11 Home OS
- 14-Core Intel® Core™ I9-12900H CPU
- The Latest GeForce RTX™ 3050 Ti GPU
- MUX Switch Technology
- 1TB SSD Storage
- 16GB 5200MHz LPDDR5 Memory
Power your games with the latest Intel® Core™ i9-12900H processor. Up to 14 cores and 20 threads are ready to handle the latest AAA games.

Crank performance to 11
Modern gaming laptops use powerful, dedicated graphics chips for high performance-but most route those frames through the CPU's integrated graphics before reaching the display. This offers better battery life, but prevents your GPU from giving its absolute best performance. So we're bringing a MUX switch to all 2022 ROG laptops. For competitive games, you can switch to a direct GPU mode that reduces latency and boosts performance by an average of 9%.

GeForce Graphics
Due to their compact form factor, traditional tablets power their displays via the integrated graphics on the CPU. Despite the size limitations, ROG has not only added a discrete GPU to the Flow Z13, but it supports up to a GeForce RTX™ 3050 Ti. The Z13 is the ultimate portable gaming device.

Boost Performance With AI
NVIDIA DLSS gives games a speed boost with uncompromised image quality. Crank up the settings and resolution for an even better visual experience.

More Immersive Experiences
Ray Tracing is the holy grail of graphics. It simulates how light behaves in the real-world to produce the most realistic and immersive graphics for gamers and creators - and runs fast thanks to 2nd gen RT Cores.

Optimized Power And Performance
NVIDIA Max-Q is a suite of technologies powered by AI that optimize laptops to deliver high performance in thin form factors.

Energy-Efficient LPDDR5 Memory
Boasting up to a 16GB capacity normally reserved for high-end workstations, ultra fast 5200MHz LPDDR5 memory allows the Flow Z13 to multitask with ease.

Spacious Storage
With up to a 1TB M.2 SSD capacity, enjoy the freedom of more space for games or other creative apps compared to traditional tablets.

Amp Up Your Play
For extra gaming horsepower and I/O expansion, the Flow Z13 is compatible with the XG Mobile family of external GPUs. Connect it to the 2021 XG Mobile with an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 Laptop GPU, or this year's model with an AMD Radeon™ RX 6850M XT GPU. With a 330W integrated power adapter, additional USB ports, DisplayPort, HDMI, and ethernet, the XG Mobile is ready for anything.

COOLING - Stand tall and breathe deep
Despite having up to a Core™ i9 CPU and up to an RTX™ 3050 Ti GPU, the Z13's ultra-compact form factor allows it to have more cooling space than traditional gaming laptops. Its tablet form factor does not require a hinge, allowing us to use much larger fans and a wider vapor chamber than the Z13's size would suggest. And because the Z13's heat-generating components stand high above the desk when in operation, they receive more fresh air than standard laptops. Combined with 0db technology, this means that the Z13 is completely silent during light computing, and remains incredibly quiet even under full load.
- Heat Dissipation Area 50% More With Vapor Chamber
- Noise Level <35dB Under Full Load
- 0dB Ambient Cooling Technology
- Arc Flow Fans™ Cooling Design
- 0.15mm Ultra-Thin Fin
- Liquid Metal On CPU

Keep your CPU cool with Liquid Metal
Cooling is one of the greatest challenges facing gaming laptops, and ROG is constantly pushing the envelope. This drive led to liquid metals, which are extremely effective at transferring thermal energy between surfaces like a processor die and heatsink. Over a year of testing with various processors, ROG engineers observed reductions in temperatures up to 10 degrees Celsius with liquid metal, depending on the CPU. Lower temperatures help processors sustain higher clock speeds for longer and prevent fans from ramping up and making noise.

Vapor chamber cooling
The Z13 also comes with a vapor chamber, which has significantly more surface area than a standard heatpipe design. This also allows the cooling to make contact with multiple heat sources like the CPU, GPU, and VRM, so the Flow Z13 can maintain excellent thermals despite its small chassis.

Whisper-quiet fans
Updated Arc Flow Fans™ feature curved blades specially shaped to maximize airflow with minimal noise. Our variable thickness design can get as thin as 0.1mm at the base of the fans before expanding toward the tip. This reduces turbulence as the fan blades accelerate air with centrifugal force, giving you a quieter overall experience.

0dB Ambient Cooling
Enjoy truly silent cooling under light workloads with 0dB Ambient Cooling. In the Silent operating mode, the cooling system switches off all fans during everyday tasks to dissipate heat passively. This lets you concentrate on your work and immerse yourself in movies with less distraction. If CPU or GPU temperatures increase, the fans automatically switch on again.

0.15mm ultra thin fins for the win
Thermal energy is dissipated by two heatsinks, each lined with ultrathin copper fins as slim as 0.15mm. These fins are half the size of typical solutions, whose higher density allows for more effective heat dissipation and lower air resistance. There are up to 95 heatsink fins totaling 33,104mm² of surface area.

Scenario Profiles give you the right cooling at the right time
Our Silent, Performance, and Turbo modes are just the beginning. Scenario Profiles allow your system to automatically switch between presets based on the application you're running, alongside other vital system settings. Switch between lighting configurations automatically, disable the Windows key and touchpad during games, and automate to your heart's content. Armoury Crate makes adjustments in an instant to best fit the task at hand.

DISPLAY - Expand Your View
The Flow Z13's versatility extends to displays that tailors the experience for serious gaming or creativity. Go 4K and immerse yourself in Ultra HD detail. Edge-to-edge displays boast a taller 16:10 aspect ratio with more space for toolbars and tabs. Touch and stylus support balance the visual experience with more intuitive input for entertainment and artistry.
- 16:10 Aspect Ratio
- 4K 60Hz Panel
- Up To 500 Nits Brightness
- Adaptive-Sync Support

CONTROL - Endless versatility
The Flow Z13 was designed with versatility in mind. For a traditional PC gaming experience, connect your favorite wireless mouse with our integrated keyboard. With N-key rollover, a 1.7mm travel distance and single-zone RGB with Aura Sync support, the keyboard has the same premium feature set as our other ROG laptops. For supported games, the Z13 also connects seamlessly with wireless controllers for a whole new take on ultra-portable gaming. Pair up to four controllers to take the best couch co-op games with you wherever you go. No matter how you play, the Flow Z13 can adapt to your style.
- Portable Keyboard panel cover
- Aura Sync Support
- 1.7mm travel distance
- N-key rollover
- Wireless Gamepad Compatible

AUDIO - Crystal clear audio
Dual Smart Amp speakers with Hi-Res Audio and Dolby Atmos support provide excellent stereo sound for your favorite content. For voice communications, a High SNR 3-mic array and AI Noise Cancelation keep comms clear for both you and your teammates, even in noisy environments.
- Dolby ATMOS Audio
- 2x Smart Amp Speakers
- AI Noise Cancelation
- High SNR 3 mic array

PORTABILITY - All day power
The Z13 is a true featherweight, weighing in at just 1.1kg and only 12mm thin. This extremely lightweight chassis means the Z13 is exceptionally portable, fitting in even small bags and carrying cases. The included 100W adapter weighs just 300g, but despite its svelte size, supports Fast Charging Technology which can juice the Z13 up to 50% battery in only 30 minutes.
- 1.1kg light
- 12mm thin
- USB Type-C 100W portable adapter
- 50% IN 30 MINS Fast Charging technology

CONNECTIVITY - Robust connectivity
Forget dongles: unlike some other thin and light tablets, the Flow Z13 is ripe with connectivity. With one USB Type-A™ port and a dedicated USB Type-C™ with Thunderbolt™ 4 support, the machine has excellent options even for high speed external devices. When connected to the XG Mobile, additional ports like DisplayPort™, HDMI and ethernet are accessible. A microSD card slot is subtly hidden under the kickstand of the machine for additional game and app storage.

CAMERA + WIFI 6E - See it all
Capture the action of life on the go with dual cameras. Video chat with friends and family using the front facing camera, or take shots of the world with the rear facing 8 megapixel camera. Support for the latest WiFi 6E* standard ensures lower latency and better network connections, even on crowded WiFi.
* Wi-Fi configuration may vary according to regions.
- Up to 3X faster than WiFi 5
- Up to 4X network capacity for more devices
- Up to 75% lower latency
- Up to 3.5X more 160MHz channels in 6GHz spectrum

Armoury Crate
ROG Armoury Crate unifies system and lighting controls to put essential settings at your fingertips in a single utility. You can easily define and customize Scenario Profiles that automatically make adjustments when you launch your favorite titles.

Game Visual
ROG GameVisual software offers six expertly tuned graphic modes designed to optimize your visual experience for specific game genres. First Person Shooter (FPS) mode, for example, enhances visibility in dark environments, allowing you to get the drop on any enemies lurking in the shadows. Use GameVisual to get the best experience for every game in your library.

Scenario Profiles
Scenario Profiles make it easy to automatically switch between Silent, Performance, and Turbo modes. You can also define app-specific preferences for lighting, disable your Windows key or touchpad, and set which GameFirst VI and Sonic Studio III profile to use. Armoury Crate makes adjustments in an instant to best fit the task at hand, and you can configure each profile exactly how you want.

Operating System

Windows 11 Home


12th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-12900H Processor 2.5 GHz (24M Cache, up to 5.0 GHz, 14 cores: 6 P-cores and 8 E-cores)


NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3050 Ti Laptop GPU
ROG Boost: 1085MHz* at 40W (1035MHz Boost Clock+50MHz OC, 35W+5W Dynamic Boost)


UHD+ 16:10 (3840 x 2400, WQUXGA)
glossy display
DCI-P3: 85
Touch Screen
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
Response Time: 30ms
Pantone Validated
Support stylus: Yes
MUX Switch + Optimus
Support Dolby Vision HDR : Yes


8GB*2 LPDDR5 on board
Support dual channel memory

16GB Total


1TB PCIe® 4.0 NVMe™ M.2 SSD (2230)

I/O Ports

1x 3.5mm Combo Audio Jack
1x USB 2.0 Type-A
1x Thunderbolt™ 4 support DisplayPort™
1x ROG XG Mobile Interface
1x card reader (microSD) (UHS-II)
1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C support DisplayPort™ / power delivery / G-SYNC

Keyboard and Touchpad

Backlit Chiclet Keyboard 1-Zone RGB


8MP camera and 720P HD camera


Smart Amp Technology
Dolby Atmos
AI noise-canceling technology
Hi-Res certification
Built-in 3-microphone array
2-speaker system with Smart Amplifier Technology

Network and Communication

Wi-Fi 6E(802.11ax) (Dual band) 2*2 + Bluetooth 5.2 (*BT version may change may change with OS upgrades.)


56WHrs, 4S1P, 4-cell Li-ion

Power Supply

TYPE-C, 100W AC Adapter, Output: 20V DC, 5A, 100W, Input: 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz universal



Device Lighting

Aura Sync Light Bar


1.18 Kg (2.60 lbs)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

30.2 x 20.4 x 1.20 ~ 1.20 cm (11.89" x 8.03" x 0.47" ~ 0.47")


BIOS Administrator Password and User Password Protection
Trusted Platform Module (Firmware TPM)
FingerPrint: YES

Included in the Box

ROG Flow Sleeve (2022)
ROG XG Mobile (GC31S with NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080)


Dimension of keyboard: 30.2 x 22.0 x 0.56 cm
Weight of keyboard: 0.34 Kg

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ASUS ROG Flow Z13 GZ301ZE 13.4" UHD RTX 3080 + RTX 3050 Ti Gaming Laptop - 1TB SSD
Limited Offer
$4,452.00 NZDSee Ts & Cs
Traveller Price
Price: $5,619.83 NZD
Product Id NBKASU301189
Selected quantity:01
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Selected quantity:01
Pick up from AKL International Airport:
Some items are only available for pick up at departure.
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