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Sapphire NITRO+ AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT Gaming OC Graphics Card

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Product Id VGASAP26652
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Sapphire NITRO+ AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT Gaming OC Graphics Card 8GB GDDR6, Dual Fan, GPU Upto 2694MHz, PCIE 4.0, 1XHDMI, 3XDP, 260mm Length, Max 4 Display Out, 2.5 Slot, 1X 8 Pin Power, 500W Or Higher PSU Recommended

TriXX Software: BIOS Switch
With the NITRO+ AMD Radeon™ RX 6650 XT, gamers can switch from Primary setting to Secondary setting or back using our TriXX software for a quick and easy switch between your dual BIOS modes.
Power Design
The NITRO+ RX 6650 XT card is designed with Digital Power specifically for GPU and memory to aid in overclocking, balancing current distribution and averaging thermal dissipation for each power phase.
Fuse Protection
In order to protect your card, the SAPPHIRE cards have fuse protection built into the circuit of the external PCI-E power connector to keep the components safe.
The exquisite PCB design delivers stable, reliable, and steady performance. It could efficiently lower PCB temperature and component signal noise.
Dual-X Cooling
SAPPHIRE's acclaimed Dual-X Cooling is powered by two massive yet silent fans and state-of-the-art radiator design. The new form of hybrid fan blades means greater airflow and superior heatsink coverage at lower noise compared to standard cooling designs.
Intelligent Fan Control
Fan speed is intelligently controlled to keep the GPU, memory, PWM IC and other components as low as possible in temperature to balance performance, and fan noise.
Two-Ball Bearing Fans
These feature Dual Ball bearing fans, which have an approximately 85% longer lifespan than sleeve bearings in our tests. The improvements to the fan blades means the solution is up to 10% quieter than the previous generation.
Optimized Composite Heatpipe
The composite heatpipes are fine-tuned for each individual cooling design with optimal heat flow, efficiently and evenly spreading out the heat to the entire cooling module.
Metal Backplate with Thermal Pad
The high quality aluminum backplate is not just for styling. It also protects the components on the backside of the PCB and helps dissipate the heat from the PCB with a high performance thermal pad in between.
Angular Velocity Fan Blade
The Angular Velocity Fan Blade provides a double layer of downward air pressure which alongside the air pressure on the outer ring of the Axial fan, results in up to 44% more downward air pressure and up to 19% more airflow for a quieter and cooler operation when compared to the previous generations.
TriXX Supported
The TriXX Software includes a range of features such as TriXX Boost, Software BIOS Switch and NITRO Glow ARGB LED Effect which can only be controlled via TriXX. Customize your individual style with TriXX Software and heighten your gaming experience!
Fan Check
At times fans need a service but it can be frustrating to return the entire card and wait for a replacement to be authorized. The fan Check feature allows users to check the cooler’s status and immediately contact customer support through Fan Service in case of problems.
Fan Quick Connect
TriXX Supported Fan Check Fan Quick Connect If there’s a fan problem, you don’t have to return the entire card. SAPPHIRE or our channel partners will send out a replacement fan directly to you! That means they’re easy to remove, clean and replace, with just one screw holding them securely in place.
With tasteful shroud design augmented by ARGB LEDs, you can change the colors of the LED, for a customized design. This can be controlled via TriXX software. Choose from various different modes including Fan Speed Mode, PCB Temperature Mode or the colorful rainbow mode or turn off the LEDs.
External RGB LED MB Synchronization
Synchronize addressable RGB LED effects with the Motherboard by selecting “External”.

Radeon™ RX 6650XT Graphics

Stream Processors
Up to 2048 unit

Compute Units

Ray Accelerators

Infinity Cache

Game Clock

Boost Clock

Memory Speed
Memory Size

Memory Interface
128 bit DDR6


Form Factor
2.5 slot, ATX

Cooler Fan
Axial Fan

Bus Support
x8 PCIe4.0

External Power
1 x 8p

TriXX Boost


- 260(L)X 130(W)X 57.57(H)mm
- 4 x Maximum Display Monitors support
- 3 x DP / 1 x HDMI


- HDMI™ 7680×4320
- DisplayPort1.4 7680×4320

NITRO+ Product Features
Software BIOS Switch
Fan Check
Quick Connect Fan
External RGB LED Synchronization
Angular Velocity Fan Blade (New)
Wave Fin Design

AMD Radeon™ Product Features

AMD RDNA™ 2 Architecture
DirectX® 12 Ultimate
GDDR6 Memory
PCI® Express 4.0 Support
AMD FreeSync™ Technology
DisplayPort™ 1.4 with DSC
Video Streaming up to 8K
Radeon™ VR Ready Premium
AMD FidelityFX
Radeon™ Image Sharpening
Radeon™ Anti Lag
Radeon™ Software
Game Driver Optimizations

- PCI® Express compatible motherboard with one x16 PCIe slot
- Minimum 500W or greater power supply
NOTE: Minimum recommended system power supply wattage is based on the specific graphics card and the typical power requirements of other system components. Your system may require more or less power. OEM and other pre-assembled PCs may have different power requirements.
- Minimum 8GB of system memory. Recommended 16GB.
- Installation software requires a keyboard, a mouse, and a display.
- A display with HDMI™, or DisplayPort™ is required
- Supported operating systems include Linux®, Windows 7/10/11.* 64-bit operating system required. *. Windows 7 does not support all features including by not limited to Hardware Raytracing.
- DirectX® 12 and Vulkan® support
- For information on AMD Radeon™ VR Ready Premium visit

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Sapphire NITRO+ AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT Gaming OC Graphics Card
Limited Offer
$729.52 NZDSee Ts & Cs
Traveller Price
Price: $775.17 NZD
Product Id VGASAP26652
Selected quantity:01
Pick up from AKL International Airport:
Some items are only available for pick up at departure.
Selected quantity:01
Pick up from AKL International Airport:
Some items are only available for pick up at departure.
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