Auckland Airport Online Shopping

Changes to flights and processing orders due to COVID-19 outbreak

International flights are still arriving and departing at Auckland Airport, though many have/are being cancelled. Please be advised that if the current situation has caused a change to your travel arrangements and you are unable to collect an order placed on The Mall we will be happy to cancel and refund your purchase. To do this please email our Customer Service team on For more flight arrival and departure information please check our official Auckland Airport website:

Also, please note that for the duration of Alert Level 4 Auckland Airport Retailers, The Mall and The Collection Point will be closed and will only reopen when the New Zealand government deems it safe to do so. During this time, we will not be able to process or pack any new or existing orders. We are aiming to contact customers who have already purchased at The Mall (collecting between 24/03/2020 and 22/04/2020) to cancel and refund all orders.

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