Auckland Airport’s online shopping experience

What is happening to the Domestic experience?
We are working on improving the experience as a whole for our online customers as well as those of you travelling through the terminal

When will it be up again?

These things can take time! We are working as quickly as we can to improve all aspects of the domestic experience. We currently don’t have an end date but not long after Christmas we should be able to offer you a new and improved version.

 Where can I shop in the meantime?

Our international experience is still working, you are more than welcome to browse here.

 Does this mean there is no shops or food in the terminal?

All of your usual eateries will be available as usual as well as the relay shops.

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The Mall offers best selling items from a selection of Auckland Airport’s most popular retailers. Shop an ever increasing range of liquor, fragrance, electronics, bags and travel exclusives with easy pick up from The Mall Collection Point in the Domestic Terminal.

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