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Terms & conditions

By placing an order you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of The Mall and any specific policies of the retailer you are purchasing with.

The information provided below is a guide to our terms for placing an order on The Mall and should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) and the individual Retailer terms and policies, as you will be acknowledging and accepting these in full when making a purchase. 



The Mall International is an online shopping experience offering you the ability to purchase a range of items at duty and/or tax free prices from a selection of approved Retailers and collect these items at designated Collection Points as you depart from or arrive into Auckland Airport (an International Collection).

The Mall Domestic is an online shopping experience that offers you the ability to purchase a range of items at duty and/or tax inclusive prices and collect these items at a designated Collection Point in the domestic terminal (a Domestic Collection).

Our Retailers will list a range of items in either or both experiences to make available to you, and are responsible for providing you with all the necessary information ( such as product descriptions, images and prices) to support your purchasing decision. All prices stated are in New Zealand dollars.

Where you make an International Collection, the prices reflect the Retailer’s current duty free and tax free price or promotional price for an item.  Where you make a Domestic Collection, the prices for an item reflect the Retailer's current price inclusive of any duties and taxes.

All payments are managed by our payment gateway partners, Paymark and ePayments and any purchase you make will be processed directly by them with the relevant Retailer(s).

Eligibility to purchase

You can shop on The Mall as a guest or as a member of our Strata Club Rewards Programme.  These Terms apply to anyone shopping on The Mall as a guest.

To shop on The Mall you must:

  • hold a confirmed flight booking for a flight that is scheduled to depart from or arrive into Auckland Airport (your Scheduled Flight);
  • purchase your selected items on The Mall no earlier than 6 months, and no later than 12 hours prior to your Scheduled Flight time for an International Collection and a Domestic Collection; 
  • be 16 or older (or, if you are under 16, use The Mall only under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian);
  • hold a valid New Zealand or International passport if you are making an International Collection;
  • hold a valid form of identification accepted in New Zealand (such as a drivers licence or New Zealand or International passport) if you are making a Domestic Collection; and
  • hold a valid Visa, MasterCard or Union Pay card in your name or a valid payment wallet with Alipay or WeChat Pay.

You must be 18 or older to purchase alcohol on The Mall and 17 or over to qualify for the alcohol duty free concession.

Important provisions

You have certain obligations as a User of The Mall. It is important that you always comply with your obligations, so that you do not lose your ability to access The Mall and any associated rights and benefits.

Special terms and conditions of business may also apply to the use of other services (for example, our Strata Club Rewards Programme) and to your dealings with each individual Retailer on The Mall (such as for Retailer-specific promotions).

We need some information from you so we can administer the marketplace and otherwise conduct and develop our business.  We will only collect, use, store and disclose your personal information in accordance with Applicable Privacy Law and these Terms (including our Privacy Policy).

By providing your email address or mobile phone number, you consent to us communicating with you by electronic means such as email or text message to send you newsletters or other information we think you may be interested in.  These electronic messages from us will have instructions for how you can remove yourself from our mailing list.

You are responsible for ensuring that your personal information is accurate and up-to-date. You may update your personal information by emailing us at


Your Privacy is very important to us and we are committed to respecting your privacy at all times. We will always deal with your personal information in accordance with the Applicable Privacy Law and these terms (including our Privacy Policy).

Our Privacy Policy sets out how we collect, use, store and disclose your personal information and it is important you read and understand it. To review our Privacy Policy please click here


All orders are subject to the availability of items.  Retailers may revise prices, range of items and the specification of each item at any time and without notice to you.

We may chose not to accept any order you place. Our Retailer may also choose not to accept an order for an item (for instance, due to unavailability of that item or for any other reason), in this instance we will inform you of this and your order or item will be cancelled and refunded.

We may at any time correct all errors and omissions in any advertising or order confirmation. Due to our administrative processes, errors (if any) may be discovered after you have collected your item. We will notify you promptly of any error or omission we discover.

Allowances and concessions

If you are an international traveller arriving into New Zealand through our international terminal you are entitled to bring into New Zealand a certain amount/value of goods that are free of Customs duty and exempt Goods and Services tax (GST). This is called your duty free allowance and personal goods concession.  You may be liable for Customs charges if you exceed the New Zealand quantity or value limits on arrival into New Zealand. 

Your purchases may also be confiscated at the overseas airport(s) you are travelling to, so we recommend you check the duty free allowance and personal goods concession for the country you are travelling to. You acknowledge it is your responsibility to understand these limits and any liquids, aerosol or gel security restrictions.

If you are a domestic traveller then you will not be entitled to any duty free allowance and personal goods concession.

Promotions and promotional codes

The Mall may offer different types of promotions including:

  • Retailer promotions – being each promotion made available to all shoppers on The Mall, by the particular Retailer making that promotional offer.  Retailer promotions may be subject to additional terms and conditions, notified by the particular Retailer making the promotional offer.
  • Strata Club promotions – being each promotion made available exclusively to members of our Strata Club Rewards Programme;

In addition, The Mall may also offer promotional codes from time to time as part of a promotional offer from us or together with one or more of our Retailers. When redeeming a promotional code advertised on The Mall or within our marketing communication, please click the applicable link to read specific promotion details that apply.

These terms and conditions apply to those promotions where you must redeem a promotional code as part of the offer:

  • each promotional code is valid for a limited time only. We may modify or cancel a promotional code at any time.
  • unless otherwise stated, each promotional code can be used only once and there is a limit of one promotional code per customer.
  • each promotional code applies only to qualifying items. Details are specified in the promotion.
  • each promotional code may be specific to a Domestic Collection and/or an International Collection
  • promotional codes do not apply to gift voucher purchases.
  • restrictions may apply to the promotion, and will be set out in the offer.
  • if the promotion specifies a minimum purchase requirement, that minimum will be calculated on the Retailer's then-current pricing for the items you purchase. 
  • the promotional code is not transferable, may not be resold or redeemed for cash.
  • if you return items purchased using a promotional code, we will subtract the value of the promotional code from your return credit.

If you violate any of these Terms or any additional terms and conditions notified by the relevant Retailer, the promotion will be invalid and the promotional code saving will not apply to your purchase.

The Retailers may offer promotions on their listed items from time to time. These promotions will be subject to the Retailers own terms and conditions. The Mall may offer Strata Club promotions exclusively to members of our Strata Club Rewards Programme and these will be subject to the Strata Club terms and conditions.

Charges and payment

You must make full and prompt payment using a valid credit/debit card or payment wallet for all items that you intend to purchase at the time of purchase.

All payments are managed securely by our payment gateway partners, Paymark and ePayments, and any purchase you make will be processed directly between yourself and the relevant Retailer. We are not party to these transactions.

Once your order is complete your payment will appear on your card statement or within your payment wallet. All payments will be charged in New Zealand dollars. By making a purchase on The Mall, you acknowledge and agree to the transaction fees charged by your payment provider. If you are purchasing using a credit/debit card or payment wallet registered outside of New Zealand, any currency conversion will take place online via the retailer’s acquiring bank at the rate applicable at the time of purchase.

For card payment the amount for each Retailer will appear as a separate charge on your bank statement.

Collection and flights

You will need to collect your order at a designated Auckland Airport Collection Point on your day of travel. The relevant Collection Point will differ depending on whether you are making an International Collection or a Domestic Collection.

When you collect your order, you will need to show a copy of your order confirmation and, if you are making an International Collection, your passport and if you are making a Domestic Collection, valid photo ID. You will be asked to inspect your items and sign for your order to confirm acceptance.

If you are making an International Collection, you will not be entitled to collect your goods in our domestic terminal unless your items are available for collection from our domestic terminal and until you have made any additional payments that would have been required if you had undertaken to make a Domestic Collection.

It is essential you promptly tell us if your flight details or flight time has changed. This will enable us to update your order, or if you miss collecting your order, so we can arrange a return and refund with the Retailer.

Email and other electronic communications

We are committed to full compliance with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007. We will email you an order confirmation for each flight your purchase for and an order updates to support the collection of your order. Your order confirmation email will acknowledge our acceptance of your order, however this will be subject to the Retailer’s acceptance.

By providing us with your contact details, including your email address and/or mobile number, you consent to receiving commercial electronic messages including communications about our services and promotional offers.

You may opt out of those communications at any time by following the instructions that accompany our communication. You will then be removed from the corresponding marketing list as soon as reasonably practical.

Returns and refunds

If you discover an issue at the time of picking up your item from one of our Collection Points, you will be asked to complete a claims form and leave your item with us and we will notify the Retailer on your behalf to request a return and refund.

If you discover an issue once you have picked up your items, you can contact us at:

You acknowledge and agree that the relevant Retailer's policies will apply to your claim – in particular:

  • the relevant Retailer will decide whether or not to return or refund in the circumstances, in accordance with that Retailer's then-current returns/refunds policy;
  • qualifying refunds will be due and payable by the Retailer that supplied the item, and not by The Mall;
  • qualifying refunds will be paid to the card or payment wallet and in the currency that you paid for the item; and
  • where the relevant purchase was collected pursuant to an International Collection, customs regulations for duty free and tax free goods means a replacement item cannot be sent to your home address.

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