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Inspired by nature, Icebreaker harnesses the incredible capabilities of natural fibers to make simple, beautiful, high quality clothing that inspire and enable people in their adventures outdoors and in everyday life.

Icebreaker merino wool works to create a warm, breathable and comfortable environment, no matter what the activity level. Not only is this incredible natural material capable of outperforming synthetics and plastics, but is an infinitely better choice for the well-being of our planet.

What is Merino Wool?

The merino is one of the world's most ancient breeds of sheep. And one of the toughest. Unlike regular sheep who chew grass in the lowlands, the merino is built to survive the scorching summers and freezing winters of New Zealand’s rugged Southern Alps range.

Our design principles

Icebreaker is not a fashion company. We like to be relevant, but if we’re too ‘right now’ it will probably be over by the time you wear it. We want our clothing to be relevant in your wardrobe for many seasons.

Simplicity, Longevity, Versatility, Purpose

Caring for your Icebreaker Merino

How do I wash my garment?

Use a normal warm or cool machine wash cycle with regular powder or liquid detergent. Separate light and darks as usual. Don’t use softeners or bleach.

How do I dry my garment?

With the exception of socks, hang your garment to dry on the line. You can tumble dry your socks, turned inside out, and on a low heat.

How do I store my garment?

Always clean your garments before storing – this helps prevent odors, stains and build-up of dirt. For best results, store folded rather than hung.

Can I user fabric softener?

We don’t advise it. Using softeners will coat the merino fibers and reduce their natural ability to breathe and regulate moisture and temperature.

Can I put my Icebreaker in the dryer?

You can put your socks in the tumble dryer, but other garments are best hung to dry on the washing line.

Can I dry clean my merino?

Some Icebreaker merino garments are suitable for dry cleaning. Please check the label tag to see if your garment can be dry cleaned.

Can I iron my Merino?

Merino bounces back into shape easily after washing, so you may find that you don’t need to iron your merino at all. Instead let any creases fall out naturally by laying your garment out flat, or hanging it over the back of a chair. However, if you do need to iron use a cool or specific wool setting and turn your garment inside out.

Can I bleach wool products?

No – chlorine will destroy merino wool fibers, so please keep it away from your Icebreaker.

Please read the care instructions on your garment for detailed instructions.

Transparency Report

We recently launched the first of our annual Transparency reports. This report is the result of our 21 years of commitment to building an ethical and sustainable business where you can find everything from information on our Growers to a full breakdown of our supply chain. We also recently achieved an A+ in the 2018 Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Guide which has generated a lot of noise in the media.

Returns & Refunds Policy

We are happy to refund any faulty item(s) with proof of purchase.

We are happy to accept change of mind refunds on the day of collection only. Once collected, please visit the Icebreaker store in terminal and request a full refund upon presenting your collection receipt. All refunds will be processed within 3-5 business days.

We accept exchanges only in their original condition within 90 days of purchase with proof of purchase. This policy is not applicable for sale items. 

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms of Sale ("Terms") apply to you when you purchase a product from us on The Mall, and you agree to be bound by our Terms.

Accuracy of Product Descriptions

We do our best to display accurate information, however we do not guarantee the information is always up to date, accurate or complete, including product descriptions, photographs or pricing information. All measurements are approximate only.

If a product that you have purchased is not as described or pictured, you may return that product to us in an unused condition and we will provide a refund for the product to you.

Product Availability

Products displayed may not be available for purchase in all Icebreaker stores and may only be available to purchase on The Mall. 

Icebreaker may change or discontinue products at any time without any prior notice to you.

If you have placed an order for a product that is no longer available (or becomes unavailable), the Mall (on behalf of Icebreaker) will advise you of this and we will provide you with a refund.


All prices  are in New Zealand dollars and are exclusive of goods and services tax (“GST”). We may change the prices  at any time, however if you submit an order for a product before any price change, then the purchase price for the product will be the price that was displayed at the time you submitted your order.


Subject to any of our legal obligations, Icebreaker will replace your Icebreaker garment within 12 months of purchase if it has faulty fabric, stitching or manufacturing. We ask that you return your garment as soon as possible so we can assess its condition and send you a replacement.

Please contact or 0800 247 767 for instructions on how to return a garment under warranty.


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