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We want to make it easy and safe for you to purchase on The Mall. To do this we have partnered with Paymark, New Zealand’s largest and most trusted payment gateway and ePayments, a leading payment provider specialising in Chinese mobile payment services. Once you have reviewed your order you will be asked to select your preferred payment method. For Visa, Mastercard and Union Pay enter your card details and make sure it is a valid card issued in your name. For Alipay and WeChat Pay scan your QR code and arrange payment via your Alipay or your WeChat app. You will be agreeing to your selected payment provider’s transaction fees.

Your details will be encrypted by your selected payment provider using their standard security protocol. We do not hold, store or transmit your payment details. Once your order is complete check your statement or account to view your transactions.

We accept

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All prices and payments are in New Zealand Dollars

All prices displayed and all payments charged are in New Zealand dollars (NZD). If you are purchasing using a credit/debit card or payment wallet registered outside of New Zealand, any currency conversion will take place online via the retailer’s acquiring bank at the rate applicable at the time of purchase.

Credit card / Debit card declined during payment

When this occurs your card has not been charged. We recommend you check with your bank or payment institution as it may be that:

  • your credit card is no longer valid or has expired
  • the payment exceeds your daily spending limit
  • the payment is larger than the maximum transaction allowed for your account
  • the charge is larger than you would usually put on your card.

It is likely you will be able to request the bank or payment institution to adjust your daily spending limit or the maximum transaction size. Most institutions can make these changes immediately and allow you to complete the payment.

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