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Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus True Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Solution - Black

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Product Id HSTSEN1193007
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Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus True Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Solution - Black Advanced Speech Enhancement - Active Noise Cancellation & Ambient Sound - 2 Year Warranty

Conversation Clear Plus
Dee Snider: Let your conversation take center stage

User test conducted via FORCE Technology's lab in Denmark confirms excellent product performance:
95% of users experience significant speech enhancement in noisy situations.

Conversation Clear Plus True Wireless Hearing Solution
Enjoy crystal-clear conversations with this elegant hearing solution. Self-adjusting speech enhancement makes words easier to understand. Hear more of what you want - whenever you decide it's time.
*Conversation Clear Plus is not a hearing aid and not meant to treat hearing loss.
- Advanced speech enhancement
- Active noise cancelation and Ambient Awareness
- Intuitive, easy-to-use app

- Enjoy clearer conversations with advanced speech enhancement
- Let speech enhancement match your surroundings with automatic scene detection
- Block out noise, relax, and focus better with active noise cancellation
- Hear more of what's around you with Ambient Awareness
- Get easy setup and personalization from the Conversation Clear App
- Connect to any Bluetooth device including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smart TVs
- Enjoy clear media sound quality with automatically optimized speech, music, and movies
- Hear clearer during calls with speech enhancement and active noise cancellation
Pop them in whenever it suits you.
The easy - and stylish - way to hear more clearly.
Ever find yourself asking people to repeat things? Or straining to listen? Just put this wireless hearing solution in for instant clarity when the situation demands. Out on the town, at the office, or home with family - now, the answer to effortless conversations is in your hands.
With Conversation Clear Plus hearing solution, you get effortless, clear conversations. And they're incredibly simple to buy and use. But don't let the convenience fool you - the technology inside is as advanced as it gets. These earbuds can even tell what kind of environment you're in and give you the right speech enhancement for your surroundings.

Control what you hear.
Boost speech, block out noise, or hear your surroundings.
Background sounds can make it difficult to hear what people are saying. That's why Conversation Clear Plus uses advanced technologies - including active noise cancellation and beamforming - to precisely separate language from noise.
And if you just want some peace and quiet, you can set the noise cancellation to block out almost everything. What if you do want to hear some of the sound around you later? Just turn up the external sound level to reveal more.

Dee Snider from Twisted Sister, with the Conversation Clear Plus

Set up and personalize with an easy app.
The Conversation Clear App - simple and effective.
What good are the best technologies if they are too complex to use? Conversation Clear Plus adjusts to many situations fully automatically. Sometimes, however, you may want to set the sound to your own taste.
That’s where the intuitive Conversation Clear App comes in. In addition to a simple guided setup, you also get access to all your settings in one place. The Relax, Communicate, and Stream modes let you tailor the performance of your earbuds to your situation and preferences.

Sennheiser Conversation Clear App
Download the App here and get started!

Connect to a phone, tablet, or TV with Bluetooth.
Listen to music, watch video, or make calls.
When you connect to an audio source, Conversation Clear Plus will automatically adjust your sound to the type of content you’re consuming. Listening to a podcast or other content with speech? Your earbuds can tell — and provide the right amount of speech enhancement automatically.
And they’re great for phone and video calls, too. Imagine never having to strain to understand someone on a call because of a noisy environment again. Because with Conversation Clear Plus speech enhancement and active noise cancellation, you can fully focus on the caller without all that noise to distract you.

Comfortable and stylish true wireless earbuds.
An ergonomic design for a super comfy fit.
The appeal of these true wireless earbuds comes from Sennheiser’s modern design philosophy. It’s a great whether you’re dressing up or dressing down.
The three different sizes of included ear tips and fins make sure you get a perfect fit. Extensive ergonomic research went into determining the most comfortable shape. Ear fins also ensure your earbuds remain securely in place during use.

What's in the box
Conversation Clear Plus true wireless hearing solution, 3 sizes of ear tips , 3 sizes of ear fins , Charging case & USB-C cable, Quick guide and safety guide

Who said clearer speech can't look great?
Wear them anywhere in style.

Wearing style

true wireless stereo earphones

Ear Coupling

Ear canal with retention


Bluetooth 4.2 compliant, class 1, 10 mW (max)

Operation frequency band

2402 - 2480 MHz

Supported Profiles


Speaker principle & type/size

12 mm diameter

Speaker frequency range

20 Hz to 20 kHz

Speaker sensitivity

100 dBSPL (1 kHz / 2 mW)

Speaker impedance

Not applicable (active BT headphones)

Active Noise Cancellation


Mic principle

Analog MEMS

Mic pick-up pattern

Scene dependent automatic control from omni to directional beamforming

Battery lifespan

Up to 9 hrs; 2 additional charges through charging case

Charging time

The system charge time is 5 hours

Battery type

Built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries; left/right earbud: 70 mAh, charging case: 500mAh

Power Supply

5 V?, rated current 900 mA, USB charging via USB-C socket at charging case

Product weight

67.6 g (earbuds and charging case), 5.7 g earbud (6.3 g with ear coupling), 55 g (charging case)

Product dimension

27.1 x 18.2 x 20.6 mm (earbuds), 68.0 x 66.9 x 32.6 mm (charging case)

Operating condition

Temp: 0 to +40°C, Rel. humidity <85% (non condensing)

Storage & transport condition

Temp: –20 to +60°C, Rel. humidity < 70% (non condensing)

App support

Conversation Clear app for iOS™ and Android™

Country of origin

Switzerland and Vietnam

What's included

Pair of earbuds
3 pairs of silicone ear adapters (S, M, L)
Ear fins (size S/M/L)
Charging Case
USB-C cable
Quick Guide & Safety Guide
Compliance sheet

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Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus True Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Solution - Black
Traveller Price
Price: $1,381.68 NZD
Tax free price for international travellers
Product Id HSTSEN1193007
Only 3 in stock.
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Only 3 in stock.
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Only 3 in stock.
Selected quantity:01
Only 3 in stock.
Pick up from AKL International Airport:
Some items are only available for pick up at departure.
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