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Asustor Drivestor 4 Pro Gen2 AS3304T v2 Quad Core 1.7 GHz, 2GB RAM, 4-Bay NAS,

Product Id NASAST33042
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Product Id NASAST33042
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Asustor Drivestor 4 Pro Gen2 AS3304T v2 Quad Core 1.7GHz, 2GB RAM, 4-Bay NAS,

DRIVESTOR 4 Pro Gen2 - AS3304T v2
Multimedia Transcoding - Btrfs Support - Maximum Value
Affordable personal cloud bringing high speeds for individuals and families.
- Equipped with Realtek RTD1619B 1.7GHz quad-core processor
- Superfast 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet
- Upgraded powerful internal display, smooth transcoding of 4K videos
- Supports Wake on LAN and Wake on WAN
- Btrfs/iSCSI Snapshots
- Tool-free installation
- All-New Realtek RTD1619B Quad-Core Processor at 1.7 GHz
- 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet
- Upgraded powerful internal display, smooth transcoding of 4K videos
- Btrfs/iSCSI Snapshots
- Supports Wake on LAN and Wake on WAN
CPU and iGPU Upgrades
The Drivestor Pro Gen2 contains a 1.7 GHz CPU, which is faster than the 1.4 GHz found in the first generation of Drivestor Pro NAS devices. The upgraded CPU also contains an upgraded iGPU that provides significant upgrades in transcoding features and performance, making the Drivestor Pro Gen2 the best price-performance NAS.

2.5-Gigabit Ethernet – Double Speed
The Drivestor 4 Pro Gen2, despite being extremely affordable contains 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet and more than doubles the performance of comparable Gigabit-class devices.

Regular access (RAID 5)
- Read 283 MB/S
- Write 280 MB/S
* Performance figures are achieved in the ASUSTOR lab using state of the art client computers under optimized network settings, and could vary in different environments. Ordinary desktop or notebook computers may be unable to reproduce these figures.

The Drivestor Pro Gen2 handles multitasking with ease by utilizing its 2 GB of DDR4 memory ensuring that virtually any task on an ASUSTOR NAS is executed smoothly.

Easily Get Started with ASUSTOR
The all-new navigation page helps make controlling your NAS and data even easier. A user friendly UI incentivizes becoming familiar with the numerous features an ASUSTOR NAS provides to ensure better data security.

Efficient and Powerful
The Drivestor Pro Gen2 are ASUSTOR’s highest value devices ever. Transcode 10-bit 4K H.265 media with hardware decoding easily that enables unbelievably smooth video playback in LooksGood.

Share and Share Alike!
Share links can create hyperlinks to share with other people to upload and download files to and from an ASUSTOR NAS. While share links come with multiple customizable options to increase convenience or security, people that use a share link are not required to have an account to upload and download files on the share link, making it more convenient for project collaboration or organizing travel photos.

Btrfs for ARM is Here!
The Drivestor Pro Gen2 is the first ARM NAS by ASUSTOR to support Btrfs. Use your Drivestor Pro Gen2 to create Btrfs snapshots in Snapshot Center for extra data protection. Snapshot Center supports scheduling or manual creation of snapshots, making it easier to restore files after unintentional modifications. Snapshots can be used to respond to ransomware threats in real time and help effectively protect data integrity.

Tool-free Installation
ASUSTOR's Driverstor Pro Gen2 series introduces its new tool-free caddies as a way to simplify installation of hard drives. Each NAS comes included with brackets to install the drive easily. On the Driverstor Pro Gen2 series, hot-swapping of hard drives is supported, allowing you to change hard drives easily without powering down the NAS.

Exclusive MyArchive Cold Backup Technology - Unlimited Capacity Expansion
MyArchive cold storage technology turns NAS hard drives into removable storage archive drives. Directly insert a MyArchive hard drive into a free bay inside your NAS to easily access, backup and share terabytes of content.

Protected From the Inside and Out
Protect your data from loss, damage and attacks with the ASUSTOR NAS. An ASUSTOR NAS is better protected by running the Linux-based ADM, employing a built-in firewall, ClamAV Antivirus, MyArchive and ADM's various backup tools help protect ransomware even better.
Network Attack Protection
- Firewall
- ADM Defender
- Cloud Backup Center offsite backups
Secure Data Transmission
- VPN connection
- SSL certificate connection
- Automatic logout
Internal Data
- MyArchive on and offsite backups
- AES-256 folder encryption
- Antivirus software
Access Control
- File/folder/app isolation
- 2-Step Verification
- Wake-on-LAN (WOL)
- Wake-on-WAN (WAN)
*MyArchive not applicable: AS10, AS11(Drivestor)

Protected From Ransomware
The Lockerstor comes with the most up-to-date version of ADM to help protect against ransomware attacks. With Snapshot Center and Btrfs providing efficient snapshots to easily restore lost data. Other security features found on the Lockerstor are the ability to create one or more replacement administrator accounts, a firewall by ADM Defender that features black and white lists and the ability to change default ports, disable SSH and Terminal to prevent remote attacks. MyArchive cold storage hard drive security can also be increased by implementing AES 256bit encryption.

DataSync Center
DataSync Center combines multiple cloud services into a single app. DataSync Center includes, but is not limited to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Yandex and supports multitasking as well as multiple accounts. Control your data with instant and scheduled backups as well as using Cloud Backup Center to create a hybrid cloud that keeps your data online and offline, keeping your data protected.

Cloud Backup Center
Cloud Backup Center brings support for various business cloud services including, but not limited to Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Baidu Cloud, IBM Cloud, Rackspace Cloud Files, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud Storage, Box, hicloud S3, Lyve Cloud, SFTP and WebDAV. Control your data with instant and scheduled backups as well as using Cloud Backup Center to create a hybrid cloud that keeps your data online and offline, keeping your data protected.

Create the Ultimate Home Multimedia Center
Enjoy electrifying digital entertainment on demand with ASUSTOR NAS. Through ASUSTOR's App Central, you can install additional multimedia server Apps such as UPnP Media Server and OwnTone giving your NAS the ability to stream multimedia content to your computers, TVs and mobile devices.

Web Center
Easily set up a website with Web Center. Install Apache or Nginx or almost any other web server implementation and add multiple website portals for an easy-to-use web server experience.

Photo Gallery 3 + AiFoto 3
The all new Photo Gallery 3 and AiFoto 3 have been revamped and brings a variety of new features to make photo organization easier than ever. New features for Photo Gallery 3 include, but not are limited to custom folder selection, timelines, smart albums, and new photo modes. Easily blow up photos to up to twice their size, play songs on slideshows, performance enhancements and customized share links make for an even better photo viewing and sharing experience.

Comprehensive Surveillance System
An ASUSTOR NAS provides optimal reliability for home and small business users looking to set up a surveillance system. Four free camera channels are offered, making it an extremely cost-effective surveillance solution for those looking to protect their home or small business. ASUSTOR provides each NAS with the capability to expand to more cameras for those with bigger demands. Up to 25 camera channels can be purchased through camera licenses. After installing Surveillance Center and its corresponding mobile app AiSecure, stream live surveillance feeds to virtually any internet-connected Android or iOS smartphone to keep an eye on your most valued assets from anywhere, inside or outside.
5 Steps 60 Sec
Setup your surveillance system in a flash
1. Start quick installation wizard
2. Automatic camera search
3. Add cameras with just one click
4. Configure video format
5. Configure recording schedule
- Supports up to 25 camera channels

Portainer - Easy Docker Deployments
Even more possibilities for ADM with Portainer for Docker images. With thousands of images, Portainer can download and deploy more types of programs than ever before. Portainer is incredibly user friendly and employs a graphical interface to make docker images easier to deploy than ever.

ASUSTOR provides a holistic solution for protecting your data against a variety of threats using Dr. ASUSTOR. Dr. ASUSTOR helps protect your data from a variety of threats, including, but not limited to ransomware attacks.

Mobile Apps
ASUSTOR's exclusive EZ Connect technology allows you to connect to your NAS from anywhere with your Mobile device in order to access and share your files. ASUSTOR mobile apps provide pass code lock functions in order to protect your privacy and data. You can also make use of HTTPS connections for even more added security.

App Central
Unleash the unlimited potential of ASUSTOR NAS. The applications that come pre-installed with each ASUSTOR NAS device are just the beginning. At your convenience, you can browse through and download any applications that pique your interest from App Central. Whether your interests lie in business, website construction or even digital home entertainment, App Central has got you covered. With over 200 unique Apps, App Central provides you with the boundless variety of applications that you require to satisfy your digital lifestyle needs. Explore the unlimited potential of ASUSTOR NAS devices while creating a personalized NAS device for yourself.

Hardware Specifications


CPU Model
Realtek RTD1296B

CPU Architecture
ARM64 64-bit

CPU Frequency
Quad-Core 1.7GHz



Memory Expandable up to
not expandable

Flash Memory


Drive Bays

Compatible Drive Type


Maximum Drive Bays with Expansion Unit

Supports Hot Swappable Drives
External Ports

3x USB 3.2 Gen 1

1x 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet (2.5G/1G/100M)

Multimedia Output


System Fan
1x 120mm

Power Supply Unit / Adapter
90W x1

Input Power Voltage
100V to 240V AC



Power Consumption
25.1W (Operation) 8.4W (Disk Hibernation);

Noise Level
19.7dB (HDD idle)

Operation Temperature
0°C~40°C (32°F~104°F)

Storage Temperature
-20°C~70°C (-4°F~158°F)

5% to 95% RH

Size and Weight

170(H) x 174(W) x 230(D) mm

2.2 kg / 4.85 lbs
Software & Features

General Specifications

Supported OS

Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, Server 2008, Server 2012, Server 2016, Server 2019, Server 2022
UNIX, Linux, and BSD

Supported Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, ???????, ???, ??, ????, ????, Ceská, Polski, Svenska, Dansk, Norsk, Suomi, Português, Türkçe, Español, Magyar, ???????

Supported Browsers

Microsoft Edge


Network Protocols
CIFS / SMB, SMB 2.0 / 3.0, AFP, NFS, FTP (Unicode Supported), TFTP, WebDAV, Rsync, SSH, SFTP, iSCSI/IP-SAN, HTTP, HTTPS, Proxy, SNMP, Syslog

Connection and transmission

TCP/IP (IPv4 & IPv6)
Link Aggregation: 0
Jumbo Frame (MTU)
EZ Connect
Wireless Network
DDNS and EZ-Router
Supports Wake-on-LAN (WOL)
Supports Wake-on-WAN (WOW)

File Management & Sharing

File System

Internal Disk: EXT4 ,Btrfs
External Disk: FAT32, NTFS, EXT3, EXT4, HFS+, exFAT ,Btrfs

File Explorer

Web-based File Management
ISO File Mounting
Share Links
Task Monitor
Browse Files on Local PC
Thumbnail Previews
Data Access via External Optical Drive
Supports video playback

Network Recycle Bin

Share folder-based
Maintains original directory structure and file permission
On-click restore
Supports scheduled emptying
Filtering rules
- File size
- File extension
Deletion Settings
- File size
- File date

Storage management

Supported RAID levels


Supported RAID migration methods

Single to RAID 1
Single to RAID 5
Single to RAID 6
Single to RAID 10
RAID 1 to RAID 5
RAID 1 to RAID 6
RAID 1 to RAID 10
RAID 5 to RAID 6

RAID levels supporting storage expansion by complete drive replacement


RAID levels supporting storage expansion by drive addition


RAID spare drive support



Hot swappable design enables easy transfer or exchange of high amounts of data
Works on any empty bay on an ASUSTOR NAS
File system support: EXT4, NTFS, HFS+, Btrfs and exFAT
Supports AES 256-bit encryption on EXT4 and Btrfs
Supports Btrfs snapshots
Supports decryption with a USB key


Maximum Targets: 256
Maximum LUNs: 256
Maximum Snapshot Versions of a Single LUN: 256
Target Masking
LUN Mapping
ISO File Mounting
Supports MPIO
Persistent (SCSI-3) Reservations

Disk Management

Scheduled Bad Block Scans
Scheduled S.M.A.R.T Scans

Access & Security

Access Control

Maximum Number of Users: 4096
Maximum Number of Groups: 512
Maximum Number of Shared Folders: 512
Maximum Number of Concurrent Connections: 512
Supports Windows Active Directory
Supports Windows Active Directory / LDAP


Provides both Windows ACL and Linux ACL permission configuration methods
Can enable Windows ACL for specific shared folders
Comprehensive support for Windows’ 13 types of advanced permission settings
Can view Windows ACL permission settings from within ADM
Supports local users and groups
Exclusive permission reset function allows users to quickly restore default permissions

System Administration

Log Type: System Log, Connection Log, File Access Log
Real-time Online User Monitor
Real-time System Monitor
User Quota
Virtual Drive (ISO Mounting, Maximum 16)
UPS Support


AES 256-Bit Encryption
Firewall: Prevent Unauthorized Access
Alert Notifications: E-mail, SMS
Encrypted Connections: HTTPS, FTP over SSL/TLS, SSH, SFTP, Rsync over SSH
Built-in Hardware Encryption Engine
RAID Scrubbing: detects the integrity and consistency of RAID 5 and RAID 6 drive data.

Network Defender

Auto black list
Trusted list
Black/White list
- Supports IP/IP range/geolocation


Backup Solutions

Rsync (Remote Sync) Backup
Cloud Backup
FTP Backup
External Backup
One Touch Backup
EZ Sync
SMB Backup


Btrfs Snapshots
iSCSI Snapshots
Support up to 256 Snapshots


ASUSTOR Hightlight

System Migration
EZ Connect
2-way Backup
Task Monitor

Eco-Friendly Design

Auto-Standby for Both Internal and External Disks
Auto Fan Control
LED Night Mode
Power Schedule: On, Off, Restart

Energy Control

Configurable Disk Hibernation Wait Time

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Asustor Drivestor 4 Pro Gen2 AS3304T v2 Quad Core 1.7 GHz, 2GB RAM, 4-Bay NAS,
Traveller Price
Price: $646.34 NZD
Tax free price for international travellers
Product Id NASAST33042
Selected quantity:01
Pick up from AKL International Airport:
Some items are only available for pick up at departure.
Selected quantity:01
Pick up from AKL International Airport:
Some items are only available for pick up at departure.
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