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Makey Makey

Makey Makey Official Channel Classic Edition Single Pack, Best Tech Toys of 2014, Education STEM

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Product Id SEVMMK0001
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Makey Makey Official Channel Classic Edition Education STEM Single Pack, Best Tech Toys of 2014, Best of Toy Fair 2014, a finalist for Toy of the Year 2016

Education / Classroom / School Customer please check the Education Kit Link below. There are more of accessories which includes clips, wires, even optimized conductive 6B pencils which you can't find from a Classic pack!
Makey Makey Classroom Invention Literacy Kit

IMPORTANT: Don't Get Stuck with a Fakey Fakey! PBTECH is an authorized resellers in NZ!
Official Authorized Resellers list: HERE
These aren't just boards with features similar to a genuine Makey Makey; they are fakes pretending to be Makey Makeys. They violate trademark owner, and they're being sold illegally.
Genuine Makey Makeys go through a rigorous quality screening process before we put them out there for our community to buy and use. The quality of these counterfeit Fakeys is not up to our standards. Nowhere near! From folks who accidently bought cheap Fakeys, we've heard that the boards have malfunctioned, and even that the USB cables don't fit the USB plug!
How can you get a real and funny testing result from a FAKE Makey Makeys? Your kids will lose interesting on learning and coding!
It is not too complicate to tell which one is a fake ones. If the price looks lower than market price like around NZD$60, it is probably a fake. Please try to shop it from an authorized resellers which is near your location!
Quick Ways to spot a Fakey Fakey in the wild….

USB Cable: The color of the USB cable is probably the most obvious way to tell if a product is counterfeit. We've seen Fakey USB cables that are white or black. The genuine Makey Makey USB cable is red. So if you look at a listing and see a USB cable that is any color other than red, you're looking at a Fakey.

Alligator Clips: Another way to spot a Fakey is by the color of the alligator clips (aka crocodile clips). Genuine Makey Makey alligator clips are made specifically for us in unique custom colors like lime green, banana yellow, light gray, and orange. If you see alligator clips in saturated colors (including dark green and black) like those pictured below on the right, you're looking at a Fakey. [Be aware that some online retailers sell extra parts (copper tape, for example, and sometimes extra alligator clips) bundled along with a genuine Makey Makey kit. Those extra clips could look different from the ones that come inside the genuine Makey Makey kit.]

Jumper Wires: The six thin white connector wires (also known as jumper wires) that come in a genuine Makey Makey kit are all white and are not attached to one another. (They can be used to connect into the headers on the back of a Makey Makey board.) We've seen some Fakeys packaged with a ribbon of multicolored jumper wires. If you see a ribbon of colored jumper wires or jumpers that are any color other than white, you've spotted a Fakey. Our STEM kit does come with a ribbon strip of jumper wires, but our single kits come with white wires.

The Packaging: Sometimes it can be hard to tell a Fakey just from the packaging. But the box that this counterfeit Fakey comes in made us cringe! It's a cheaper folded box, where the genuine Makey Makey box is constructed in two pieces and the lid lifts off. The color and the printed graphics make this counterfeit packaging look like a Makey Makey box, but the graphic on the front of the Fakey box is wrong. The genuine Makey Makey box has the banana graphic on the front of the lower half. In that spot on this Fakey packaging there is - inexplicably - a graphic showing how to remap the board.

The original Makey Makey Classic - Named one of Consumer Reports' "Best Tech Toys of 2014", "Best of Toy Fair 2014" by Popular Science, and a finalist for Toy of the Year 2016.
Makes STEM Education fun! Start out easy with a banana piano. First setup takes seconds. Then make game controllers, musical instruments, and countless inventions. Advance to additional inputs and multi-key remapping up to 18 keys. Ages 8 to infinity.
- Turn everyday objects like bananas into touchpads!
- Connect the world around you to your computer! Setup takes just seconds.
- Just plug, clip, and play! No programing knowledge needed. No software to install. Works with Mac and Windows.
- 1000s of possibilities! Draw your own game controller, sneak a cat selfie, and dance like never before.
- Ages 8 to infinity.
Makey Makey Board, USB Cable, 7 Alligator Clips, 6 Connector Wires, Instructions with Visual Project Start Guide, Online Documentation, and 20 Color Stickers. Be stoked! The Giftable Collector's Edition (available in drop down menu) also comes with collector's tin and in a large retail box.
Makey Makey Classic

Subscribe to the PB Tech YouTube channel:
Subscribe to the PB Tech YouTube channel:

What Can I Make?

That's up to you! First, load up a computer program or any webpage.

Let's say you load up a piano. Then, instead of using the computer keyboard buttons to play the piano, you can hook up the Makey Makey to something fun, like bananas, and the bananas become your piano keys

Or let's say you Google for an online Pacman game and draw a joystick with a pencil:

Then you can play Pacman by touching the drawing.

Or you could load up facebook or gmail and send a message on a custom-made alphabet-soup keyboard:

What's Makey Makey?

Makey Makey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It's a simple Invention Kit for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything inbetween:

The kit will include everything you see above: Makey Makey, Alligator Clips, USB Cable.

How Does it Work?

Alligator Clip two objects to the Makey Makey board. For example, you and a banana.

When you touch the banana, you make a connection, and Makey Makey sends the computer a keyboard message. The computer just thinks Makey Makey is a regular keyboard (or mouse). Therefore it works with all programs and webpages, because all programs and webpages take keyboard and mouse input.

Make + Key = Makey Makey!

Who is Makey Makey For?

Artists, Kids, Educators, Engineers, Designers, Inventors, Makers... Really it is for everyone. Here is a photo of an 8-year-old using Makey Makey:

She invented a "knife-and-log" interface for cutting virtual wood in an online game.

What materials work with Makey Makey?

Any material that can conduct at least a tiny bit of electricity will work. Here are some materials people have used in our workshops including Ketchup, Pencil Graphite, Finger Paint, Lemons, etc.:

Other materials that work great: Plants, Coins, Your Grandma, Silverware, Anything that is Wet, Most Foods, Cats and Dogs, Aluminum Foil, Rain, and hundreds more...

Why Are You Creating Makey Makey?

We believe that everyone is creative, inventive, and imaginative. We believe that everyone can create the future and change the world. So we have dedicated our lives to making easy-to-use invention kits. We believe that the whole world is a construction kit, if we choose to see it that way.

We are inspired by the Maker Movement. We want to help people start to think of themselves as Makers and agents of change. When you have the "Maker's Mindset," you know you can change the world.

Before we created Makey Makey we worked on other creative tools and invention kits such as: Drawdio, Singing Fingers, and Scratch.

Makey Makey
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Makey Makey
Makey Makey Official Channel Classic Edition Single Pack, Best Tech Toys of 2014, Education STEM
Traveller Price
Price: $91.24 NZD
Tax free price for international travellers
Product Id SEVMMK0001
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Selected quantity:01
Pick up from AKL International Airport:
Some items are only available for pick up at departure.
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