Auckland Airport Online Shopping

How to order

Step 1: Have your international flight details ready

Once you’ve booked an international flight you can shop on The Mall as early as six months or as late as 24 hours before you fly. Orders can be made for a flight departing from or arriving into AKL International Airport. Apply your flight details in the shopping cart so we can match them to your order and then have it ready in time for your journey.

Step 2: Shop The Mall online with one easy payment

Browse the items available, you can choose from a full range when departing AKL International Airport and a more select range on arrival. All prices are the duty free and/or tax free or promotional price offered by our retailers. We recommend you check the duty free allowances and exemptions for arrival into New Zealand and if travelling abroad the amount of duty free alcohol and other goods you can take with you. See Allowances & Information 

When you are ready to make a payment, you will be asked to select your preferred payment method for the entire order. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay, Alipay and WeChat Pay. For credit card payments a separate charge will appear on your credit card for each Retailer you purchase with.

Step 3: Pick up your order when you travel home or abroad

We will send you a confirmation email with your departure or arrival order and everything you need to know about picking up your items. If you are travelling overseas, any liquids aerosols or gels (LAGs) will be packed in clear sealed bags to make passing through security easier at your next destination.

24 hours prior to your flight you will receive a Ready to Collect email reminder from The Mall with your order details and pick up location.

On your day of travel, your order will be ready waiting for you at the Auckland Airport Collection Point. Find them here. If your travel plans change please let us know as soon as possible so we can update your order.

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