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PGYTECH Camera Wrist Strap (Grass Green)

Product Id CAAPGY0123
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Price: $46.04 NZD
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Product Id CAAPGY0123
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PGYTECH Camera Wrist Strap (Grass Green)

Original Quick Connector Safe And Smooth Operation
The quick connector utilizes a dead center locking mechanism. There is no risk of the camera falling off, regardless of the angle of force applied, as long as the quick bead remains locked.

Feed the triangular clip through the side loop so that the quick bead can work with more cameras.

Strong Load-Bearing & Replace Warning
Three-layer structure enables you to change the lanyard in time, thus ensures your gear safety.

Stand A Load Of 55KG
The abrasion-resistant lanyard is made of UHMWPE, which is ten times stronger than steel wire and can carry a load of up to 55 KG.

Skin-Friendly Microfiber For Both Sides
Skin-friendly&Airy: Both inside and outside uses soft microfiber, which features great water absorption performance, thus ensures continuous breathability.

Keep Open
Allow your hand to effortlessly pass through.

Protruding points make it snugly fit around your wrist

One-Handed Operation
Anodized aluminum-alloy adjuster enables effortless one-handed adjustment.

Accidental Drop Protection
The strap will secure itself around your wrist when you accidentally drop your camera.

Tear-Resistant Dyneema® Fabric
First developed by the Dutch company DSM, Dyneema® is a fibrous material made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that combines lightness, strength and durability. It is 15 times stronger than steel and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Hidden Magnetic Clasp, Just Make It A Bracelet
By wrapping it around your wrist, you can turn it into a bracelet.

Main Material
Microfiber, Dyneema, fiber-reinforced-nylon. Warning: The waist strap is crafted from suede microfibre, which may cause color transfer when in contact with light-colored objects. Please don't rub it against light-colored obiects for an extended period of time.
Net Weight
Weight(With Package): 70g
Weight(Net Weight):34g
Carton Size: 435mm*215mm*275mm
Cameras of different brands

As an international traveller you are entitled to bring a certain amount/value of goods that are free of Customs duty and exempt Goods and Services tax (GST) into New Zealand. This is called your duty free allowance and personal goods concession. It is important to review these for any purchases you make on The Mall.

Your duty free allowance entitles you to bring into New Zealand the following quantities of alcohol products free of customs duty and GST provided you are over 17 years of age. You do need to be 18 years or over to purchase. 

  • Up to six bottles (4.5 litres) of wine, champagne, port or sherry or
  • Up to twelve cans (4.5 litres) of beer
  • And three bottles (or other containers) each containing not more than 1125ml of spirits, liqueur, or other spirituous beverages

Goods other than alcohol and tobacco, whether purchased overseas or purchased duty free in New Zealand, that have a combined total value not exceeding NZ$700 may also be brought as part of your personal goods concession. 

When travelling overseas there are legal limits on the amount of duty free alcohol and other goods you can take with you. These amounts will vary depending on the country you are flying into. We always recommend you check the latest limits and exemptions.

Your order can be picked up at an Auckland Airport Collection Point. There is one in departures and one at arrivals in the international terminal. Alternatively, if you are arriving between 11pm and 6am you will be able to collect your order from our lockers. See map

Please bring your order confirmation email and your passport. If you are collecting from lockers you will have been sent an email with your access code, be sure to have this on you in order to collect your order.

If you’re departing Auckland Airport, we recommend that you come to the Auckland Airport Collection Point at least 60 minutes before your flight. If you miss your pickup time or your flight details have changed please let us know as soon as possible. 

When you collect your order you will have the opportunity to inspect the items and sign for them.

If you need to return an item, our Collection Point team are there to help you. If you are collecting after hours please return the item to your locker and our team will be in touch as soon as possible. You may also like to view our Returns & refunds which provides information on how this works and outlines the individual retailer's returns and refunds policies.

After Hours Collections

If your order needs to be collected after the Auckland Airport Collection Point desk is closed, your order will be placed in the lockers next to the desk. All the details you will need to collect your order will be provided in your Order Confirmation and Ready to Collect Email. 

PGYTECH Camera Wrist Strap (Grass Green)
Traveller Price
Price: $46.04 NZD
Tax free price for international travellers
Product Id CAAPGY0123
Selected quantity:01
Pick up from AKL International Airport:
Some items are only available for pick up at departure.
Selected quantity:01
Pick up from AKL International Airport:
Some items are only available for pick up at departure.
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